Oak Hills Golf Course

Oak Hills Golf Course Norwalk CT

Oak Hills is a municipal golf course that offers tennis courts as well as nature trails for residents to enjoy. The 18-hole golf course opened in 1969 and currently has a rating of 70.3 and a slope rating of 133. Rates and membership options are updated annually on their website.

Veteran’s Park

Across from historic SoNo, in what is technically “East” Norwalk but is practically a part of the SoNo scene, is Veteran’s or Vet’s Park. This wide flat landscape was once, as many parks in America, a landfill known as Duffy’s field. You can walk along the rocky shore and admire the harbor view of SoNo […]

Union Park

Union Park Norwalk CT

At the end of Mott Street you’ll find Union Park, another First Taxing District park that sits idle most days. The park is also the head, or end, or the Norwalk’s section of the Norwalk River Valley Trail. That trail runs along the route 7 connector embankment till it cuts over through Mathews Park, under […]

Freese Park

This is one of the few centrally located city parks and also overlooks the Norwalk River. Bellow the Wall Street Bridge the River widens as it flows out to the Norwalk Harbor, so Freese Park, named after Mayor Irving Freese who governed Norwalk between 1947 and 1957. The story of Mayor Freese is an interesting […]

Fodor Farm

A long time ago there was an actual farm here, mostly orchards, but a farm. If you pay attention to the street names, the agricultural history of Norwalk unfolds even though the land that once was the place where calfs grazed, or strawberries grew, are now mostly suburban cut de sacs. But Fodor farm hasn’t […]

Cranbury Park

Tucked up in the eastern side of northern Norwalk is Cranbury Park. It is a 200-acre park that is home to the Gallaher Mansion, which at present can only be viewed from the outside. The 21 room mansion was purchased by the City of Norwalk in 1965. The site was the home of a former […]

Cranbury Park

There’s 227 acres of park here that you can explore on trails and lawns. An 18 hole Disc Golf Course runs through it, and there are dog friendly areas. The park also features the Gallaher mansions, which can be rented for the usual assortment of events like weddings, dinners, and fundraisers.   300 Grumman Ave. Norwalk, CT […]

Calf Pasture Beach

Norwalk is surrounding by 35 islands and many of them are visible from Calf Pasture Beach. This makes Norwalk rather unique. And oh did we forget to mention there’s a sandbar that you can stroll out on when the tide is low? Recreationally speaking, the beach has BBQ stands (at Shady Beach) and a volleyball […]

Ripka’s Beach Cafe

Ripka’s is an unusual spot in Norwalk. It’s got the vibe of a beachside shack, yet the shack is more like a 1950s school room, cinderblock aesthetic, and the food covers the seaside fare you’d expect. But then there are the special events, where the food goes up a notch or two, because they can. […]

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