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Exploring Norwalk

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The Neighborhoods of Norwalk

Coastal living? Check. Old Country Roads? Check. Commute to NYC? Check. But hey, what is there to do? Our guides help you figure that out.

Christmas trees live farms

The Ultimate Guide to Xmas Trees

With Thanksgiving behind us, we are now into Christmastime meriment. You could take the easy route, order online, or trek to the local parking lot filled with trees. Or you could go all New England, and hop in a car on a field trip for the seaon– cutting down your

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Cafe Dolce

Discover a classic European café nestled amidst the strip malls of Norwalk’s commercial corridor offering a taste of Hungary. At the end of the cozy strip mall, you’ll find Cafe Dolce, a charming spot that promises a slice of European ambiance right here in Norwalk. They serve aromatic coffees—think cappuccinos,

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End of Summer Hurrah Weekend

If you are already pining for another summer thing to do, this weekend (September 8, 9 & 10) is one of the classic town celebrations, the annual Norwalk Oyster Festival. The Seaport Association has made this event Norwalk’s flavor of the bar and chill vibe of the late Jimmy Buffet.

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Take A Romp Through Norwalk History

Hello there, Norwalk theater lovers! 🎭 Clear your calendar! Crystal Theatre is bringing the curtain down on our debut community theatre season with a bang! Join us for a mesmerizing rendition of the original musical, “Whistleville – South Norwalk, 1907”, an unforgettable journey back in time. Mark these dates: Friday,

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Check out How to Make Norwalk Better

Hey there, Norwalk community! 🎉 Get ready to The Norwalk Redevelopment Agency on Wednesday, August 2, 2023, from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm for a virtual get-together that we believe you’ll find both informative and exciting! We’re thrilled to bring you a sneak peek at a groundbreaking project: The Sustainability

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Mr. Frosty’s

The lines in the summer wrap around the block. Mr. Frosty’s is open year-round and anchors the lively corner of East Norwalk where the neighborhood is the walkable ideal of minutes to the beach, the harbor, and an eclectic range of food. Soft serve and handmade scoops of faves have

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Broad River

Broad River Neighboring Silvermine, the Borad River neighborhood is sandwiched between Route 7 and Rte 123. Primarily single family residential, it is conveniently located near shopping corridors. Deeper Dive

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Make Way for Pizza

Norwalk has always been home to all styles of Pizza. Longtime favorites stood the test of time, but newcomers keep trying to break into the top pizza lists that fuel sites like this one. One newly arrived restaurant has picked the perfect location across from the movie theaters in SoNo.

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East Norwalk

East Norwalk is one of the earliest settlements in what is now the City of Norwalk. Until 1913, East Norwalk was a town, and the remnants of that governance exist today in the form of Norwalk’s third taxing district. The third taxing district owns and operates its own electric and water

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woman lying on bed in light room

City of Norwalk Will Pick Up Your Mattress

After years of denying there was a mattress dumping problem in Norwalk, the City of Norwalk is attempting to solve the problem by providing a pickup service for old mattresses and box springs. The state of Connecticut legislature passed a law requiring that mattresses and box springs be recycled. Along

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