Your Guide to Exploring Norwalk

Exploring Norwalk

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From a everything about SoNo to lunch in Rowayton or a deep dive about Sheffield Island, there is so much to discover about Norwalk! Check out our overview of the city, download a walking tour, or read up on your neighborhood and enjoy Norwalk.

The Neighborhoods of Norwalk

Coastal living? Check. Old Country Roads? Check. Commute to NYC? Check. But hey, what is there to do? Our guides help you figure that out.

Photo by Brenna Huff on Unsplash
Central Norwalk

Pizza Week January 2021

The pandemic has been good for the restaurants that sling pizza. Sales nationally are up 20%, fueling the interest of many restaurants to pivot to

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Central Norwalk

Fodor Farm

A long time ago there was an actual farm here, mostly orchards, but a farm. If you pay attention to the street names, the agricultural

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The Lime Restaurant Reopens

A favorite for those who enjoy organic and natural foods, The Lime Restaurant has reopened. Curbside Pick Up and delivery services are now available. Outdoor dining

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Arts District

Norwalk Arts District

The Arts District is undergoing many changes. Here’s a look at the response to the COVID shutdown, a look at various doorways in the district.

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what to do

A Small Step Can Help Greatly

Getting Food To Others SoNo is home to many restaurants and food-insecure individuals and families, so Beinfield Architecture P.C. and Food Rescue US have launched SONO COOKS to help out

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