Norwalk is surrounding by 35 islands and many of them are visible from Calf Pasture Beach. This makes Norwalk rather unique. And oh did we forget to mention there’s a sandbar that you can stroll out on when the tide is low? Recreationally speaking, the beach has BBQ stands (at Shady Beach) and a volleyball court (in sand of course), a skate park, a fishing pier, and boat launch ramps and racks for kayaks. And for those of you old enough to remember when McDonald’s had stone tables as outdoor dining amenities, Calf Pasture has a few of those, with umbrellas. Like many New England shorelines, be prepared for young sand, meaning nature hasn’t battered all the rocks and little pebbles down to fine grains of sand. And the seagulls add their broken clam and mussel shells to that mix. So what we’ve got is nature with a capital N.

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