Across from historic SoNo, in what is technically “East” Norwalk but is practically a part of the SoNo scene, is Veteran’s or Vet’s Park.

This wide flat landscape was once, as many parks in America, a landfill known as Duffy’s field. You can walk along the rocky shore and admire the harbor view of SoNo and enjoy some contemporary sculpture. A much-used public boat launch ramp sits at the top of the park. Most of the flat landscape is dominated by ball fields, which typically see more weekend and weeknight seasonal use. A small playground and basketball courts round out the amenities.

This is where many summer events are hosted, including the yearly post-Labor Day Oyster Festival. Not that far from Vet’s Park is Mill Pond, which features a few benches and is across from Overton’s, a hot dog/hamburger stand, and Harbor Lights, which offers waterfront dining.

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