The SoNo Collection opened in October of 2019, and like most of the retail businesses, struggled to find its path forward through the COVID pandemic. These days though, many of the stores have mastered the art of hybrid retail, relying on curbside, delivery and online communication. The mall however is more than just a collection of shops. The rooftop level offers outdoor dining at PinStripes, a bowling restaurant bar concept that invites you to experience food and beverages while recreating.

Nordstrom’s offers an in-store dining experience with views overlooking the ever fascinating line of cars motoring along I-95 with Bazille. Only a few booths offer the view though, so the rest of the tables sit in an open area where table side shopping can be initiated as a new art form.

The busiest store is like most malls, the Apple store. The friendly staff are there to help you with your iPhone and Mac needs, and the store offers an efficient pick up service if you prefer the safety of getting your new device delivered to the store instead of your home.

The mall has million-dollar views from each level of its parking decks, a design choice that is perplexing as water views generally are coveted more than highway views. But that is another story about the history of Norwalk. Meanwhile, you can take advantage of the indoor space for getting your step counts in (they mark the steps progress on the floor) or hanging out in any of the tables, sofas, chairs, and meeting areas that spin a new take on co-working in the 21st century.

For a complete guide to the stores and food places check out their website.

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