by Leigh Grant

Silvermine is, for those who live here, a state of mind.

It’s beautiful. A small river valley hosts varied wildlife, including otters, and is complemented by historic houses. The river winds, pools, and cascades over dams which in a heavy rain form spectacular waterfalls. At the center, an upscale restaurant and inn called Tavern at GrayBarns occupies what was originally a cotton factory.

Nearby is a coffee shop. The demise of the colonial mill industry attracted an art colony in the early 20th century and left its mark in houses with north-facing studio windows. Art in its many forms is alive and well in Silvermine. Up the road just over the New Canaan line is the Silvermine Arts Center and across from it is the Silvermine Market offering light meals.

There is an alternating one-lane, two-way, 1899 bridge to teach you courtesy in case you need reminding. Roads are rural with occasional footpaths and there is one road with a partial sidewalk. Everybody walks. Dogs live blissful, active lives here. Much of Silvermine is dark sky. The Merritt Parkway, CT 15, also dark sky, crosses it with a ramp at New Canaan Ave.

Elementary schools are offered as a choice: either the Silvermine Dual Language Magnet School in Silvermine or a one-time choice for another elementary school. There are two neighborhood associations: the Silvermine Community Association and the Norwalk Association of Silvermine Homeowners. You can belong to one or both or neither. The silver mine itself remains elusive. We haven’t found it yet… but we’re still looking.

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