What if there was a new way of thinking about how to build a business and afford to live in the 203? Enter, The Curb Apartments, a new lifestyle center in Norwalk that answers the question on how to risk everything on your startup and still scale and grow.

Located on Glover Drive, nestled against the Route 7 Connector of the Norwalk River Valley Trail, depending on your transit needs, Curb offers a mix of suburban apartment style living along with co-working space and amenities bettter suited to the creative economy lifestyle. The bonus is that just down the road, is the office towers that comprise the majority of corporations in Norwalk.

Glover street might just be the new model of downtown Main Street that works in the 203. Each pain point of apartment living is solved through technology. Forget heading to the nearest Amazon locker for your packages, a bank of lockers of all sizes is ready to receive your packages when you are away. Need to ship stuff out? There’s an area for that, studio space, office space, conference rooms and of course the phone booths for those private calls.

What curb doesn’t offer, yet, is a car free lifestyle. Norwalk is still a place that requires wheels to get to most places, like the beach. The City of Norwalk has plans though, and has created an on-demand shuttle-bus to whisk people to the nightlife scene in SoNo, or the cultural venues in the arts district.

The Deets

Curb Apartments

150 Glover Ave

Norwalk, CT 06850

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