For those of us in the creative fields, losing gigs, performances, exhibits, and commissions hits hard. Fortunately, there are organizations and people working on compiling things that may help you navigate through them.
Here’s a link to resources you may find helpful if you are a freelancer or gig worker in the creative economy.

This list is specifically designed to serve freelance artists, and those interested in supporting the independent artist community.

This includes, but is not limited to, actors, designers, producers, technicians, stage managers, musicians, composers, choreographers, visual artists, filmmakers, craft artists, teaching artists, dancers, writers & playwrights, photographers, etc.

What this list IS: an aggregated list of FREE resources, opportunities, and financial relief options available to artists of all disciplines. 

What this list IS NOT: a place to promote individual artist practices (we love you, but we’re not equipped for that); a place to promote fee for service work; or a place to seek direct emergency funding.

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