At first you may be puzzled by the name, or the spelling of the name. But the logo cheerfully explains that its is shorthand for BBBQ and Crab, and that the restaurant is related to BJ Ryan’s, located right around the corner. With that out of the way, yes this is BBQ in all its New England glory. For starters, they whip up crabby takes on classic appetizers. And in between the smoke meat section, is the rest of the menu that caters to strong tastes and huge portions. They have a separate dining room, the bar area is separated, and when the weather permits, outdoor seating both under a canopy or with umbrella stands sprawls on the patio outside. Don’t get fooled by every building sporting the same address on River Street. Just walk past the banks.


16 River Street


203/ 853-7926


Cafe Dolce
Cafe Dolce on Main Ave.



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