Tucked away on Orchard street, is a tiny cafe with a bright seaside theme of brilliant orange and blues called Allora. The Italian coast inspired the decor, but the coffee beans are from a local coffee roaster, Redding Roasters. Co-owner Kim Steinberg shared her vision of a modern cafe like the ones she visited during her time in Florence. Other beverages are on offer, including an assortment of teas and fresh baked goods imported from NYC.

New places always take a while to grow into the community, but the Waypointe area has been in need of a cafe for quite some time. So it is not surprising that within a few days, the word of mouth grew a curious clientele happy to explore the flavors on offer.

Thoroughly modern, Allora offers online ordering, which makes for an efficient stop during early morning commutes. For those on the leisurely schedule, a few minutes in the bright cafe can be the highlight of your day.

515 West Ave. (on Orchard Street)

tel: 203.838.0045

web: alloracoffee.com

Cafe Dolce
Cafe Dolce on Main Ave.



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