Getting Food To Others

Sono Cook

SoNo is home to many restaurants and food-insecure individuals and families, so Beinfield Architecture P.C. and Food Rescue US have launched SONO COOKS to help out both, You can help by making a small donation here:

Supportive Housing

Running supportive and assistive housing is a tough business in normal times. But during this pandemic, it is hard to keep the staff and clients protected. The Human Services Council is looking for some help.  HSC provides safe housing for 100 elderly and homeless individuals.

Norwalk Counts!

The Census is an important snapshot of America. Sadly, Norwalk typically underperforms its count. In 2010, 79.1 percent of Connecticut households mailed back their 2010 Census questionnaires, Norwalk came in at 73 percent. The number of people living in an area is how funding is allocated by the federal government whether it is for transportation support, the social safety net or education. Taking 10 minutes to fill out the census helps everyone get Connecticut’s fair share.

Since the beginning, the Census questions have changed to reflect the priorities of the nation at that moment in time. Take a look at the evolution of Census questions here, before you hop over to fill out your census form at the link below:

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