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Your Guide to Exploring Norwalk

The Neighborhoods of Norwalk

Coastal living? Check. Old Country Roads? Check. Commute to NYC? Check. But hey, what is there to do? Our guides help you figure that out.

Field Trips From Norwalk

Sometimes, you just want to get away. We like to explore the region and share our fave spots that are with the trip.

Photo by Brenna Huff on Unsplash

We Go There Best Pizza in Norwalk

Oh we know that these words will challenge the pizza aficionados out there, but we pick our list of the best.

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From a night out in SoNo to lunch in Rowayton and a day trip to Sheffield Island, there is so much to discover here! Norwalk is your gateway to New England. If In Doubt Just Wander.  Check out our overview of the city, download a walking tour, or read up on your neighborhood, events and places to hang out and enjoy Norwalk.

Things To Do

Norwalk has more publicly accessible waterfront than any other city in Connecticut. Live coastal!

Places to Eat

A taste of Norwalk is a taste of the world. From classic New England fare to regional delicacies from all over the world, Norwalk has a bite for you.

Places to Stay

Hey we all have relatives, amiright? Or maybe you haven't filled out the change of address card yet, spend a weekend here, till you find your place in the 203.

What to See

Sightseeing, exploring without dropping coin.