Joining the SoNo restaurant scene conveniently across the street from the BowTies Cinemas on North Main Street is a unique addition to Norwalk. It has been a while since a French/Belgian style menu appeared, and Bruxelles will not disappoint.

A Brasserie in the typical francophile world, is a notch up from the bistro and harkens back to the days where beer was brewed on-site. In the everything old is new again, a brasserie was a brewpub before brewpubs became a thing.

Bruxelles, is not a brewpub, given that they aren’t brewing any in-house beer. They have beer of course, but they feature an extensive wine list that is sure to please those Bordeaux seeking vinophiles used to navigating the overly saturated mix of big California wines. The cocktails on offer and they have a robust bar with all the usual stuff, focus on Gin.

The menu has all the fare one would expect in a Brasserie located on anything named Rue, like mussels and steak frites, along with the charcuterie, pâtés, and the obligatory roasted chicken. Chef Roland Olah, hailing from Hungary, has added Hungarian items like goulash to the menu.

The ambiance is an urban country rustic and offers an alternative experience to the hipster vibe that usually pops up in SoNo.


63-71 N Main StreetSouth Norwalk, CT 06854

Tel: 203-857-1494

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